Smartphones provide us with a rich entertainment experience. In the face of new mobile phone purchases, nature to take protective measures. In addition to screen toughened film, mobile phone case is also very important accessories. A mobile phone case with outstanding anti-fall ability and fashionable personality can not only make you feel more secure, but also show your unique taste and temperament. Today, combining with the popular Samsung S20 Ultra mobile phone, I would like to recommend several Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra protective cases to everyone.

CaseMe is specially tailored for Samsung S20 Ultra. It is made of selected HD transparent TPU materials, which can restore the original delicate texture of the phone. CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra mobile phone case combined with soft silicone bezel can achieve more comprehensive fitting and covering with the phone screen, and the corner protection is also in place. Combined with the enhanced lens protection design, it can also avoid scratches and wear caused by daily use of the mobile phone camera and desktop. Greatly prolong the service life of the lens, while taking pictures more clearly and carefully.

ICarer Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra adopts 3D embossing technology, which can be combined with bright printing to show users’ unique taste when held in hand. The mobile phone shell covered by selected cloth is full of texture and three-dimensional, smooth and subtle like frosted, with unique logo decoration, showing more fashionable texture. At the same time, the side silica gel as the overall material, excellent anti-fall performance can provide good protection effect for the body.

The MATERIAL selection of the BRG Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra case is excellent. Made of blend modified PP material, it has a delicate and soft touch. In detail, the four-angle invisible airbag protection design, can be in the fall to mitigate the impact, quick rebound. To protect the love machine from the damage caused by the fall. At the same time, the camera’s position is enhanced to prevent daily wear and tear.

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