Samsung is a leader in the global smartphone market. As the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung’s every move has attracted the attention of global consumers and the entire industry. Recently, people’s attention has gradually focused on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 series smartphones.

According to Xdadevelopers, the site received a set of real-world photos of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus from an insider who asked not to be named. From the appearance point of view, the front of the product uses the same center front design as the Galaxy Note 10, and the screen ratio of the front also continues the standard of the Galaxy Note 10. The screen still uses the standard hyperboloid design of Samsung ’s flagship machine. On the back, Samsung uses a camera layout similar to Huawei V30, with a 5 camera combination arranged in the upper left corner. According to previous rumors, the main camera of the Galaxy S20 will use the 100-megapixel camera on the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. If the photo is indeed the Galaxy S20 Plus, the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series can be basically determined, and there should be no obvious changes when the real machine is released.

For now, Samsung seems to emulate Huawei by naming the new generation of Galaxy phones. Huawei skipped Mate 11 and directly released Huawei Mate 20. Samsung also skipped the Galaxy S11 and named the Galaxy S20 directly. For example, this time or the low-profile version that should be named S11e was named S20. The model that should have been named Galaxy S11 was also upgraded to Galaxy S20 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is named Galaxy S20 Ultra.

According to previous Samsung official announcements, a new Galaxy launch event will be held on February 11. At that time, the three new phones, the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, may be released together with Samsung’s clamshell folding phone Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy S20+ is expected to bring a large battery of 4300mAh and fast charging of 40W and above, and the price is about $ 1,000.

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