In order to increase its appeal to consumers, Samsung has made efforts in some details, such as offer the original screen protector attached to the newly released Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus models. After 2 weeks of use, the screen protector will have some scratches, which will affect the appearance of the phone. We recommend using a tempered protective film, or using a Samsung Galaxy S10 case, which protects the screen of the phone and does not affect the appearance of the phone.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallet Case
CaseMe 008 Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet case brown
If you’re looking for a more stylish wallet case, CaseMe Wallet Case is like this. CaseMe Case has a detachable lanyard that is easy to carry. Its folio page provides a place to store 10 credit cards, ID cards and cash while protecting your screen from scratches and wear.

iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case
iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Genuine Leather Case-1
The phone case is made of genuine leather and is designed for smartphones. The manual design not only enhances the appearance but also strengthens the structure. The soft microfiber lining protects the Samsung S10 screen.

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