The details of samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note10 series in the second half of the year have been confirmed. In terms of release date, the Galaxy Note10 series will be officially released on August 10 and go on sale on August 25, according to south Korean media.

There will be two versions, the flagship Samsung Note10 and the higher-end Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro, appearance of samsung Note10 series are adopted the design of the curved surface dig Kong Bing, screen hole location is at the top, at the same time of ascension screen of both the corresponding aesthetic feeling, visual effect is good, the screen parameters, samsung Note10 6.4 inch 2 k display screen, the samsung Note10 Pro 6.8 inch 2 k display screen, the screen effect is also very good.

The back of the fuselage, samsung Note10 series are taken curved glass, looks is also very simple fashion, but in terms of number of cameras, perhaps to distinguish positioning, samsung Note10 with samsung Note10 Pro is differ, the former rear 12 million main perturbation + 1200 Wan Changjiao + 16 million super-wide AI three perturbation combination, while the latter on the basis of the former three perturbation also added a TOF lens.

In terms of hardware, Samsung Note10 series will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, running at about 370,000, the performance has reached the industry’s first-class level, while in storage, Samsung Note10 starts to store 128G, Samsung Note10 Pro upgrades to 256G, in addition The top version of Samsung Note10 Pro will also be equipped with 12G big memory, it is worth mentioning that Samsung Note10 is also taking the UFS3.0 flash specification.

Samsung Note10 series has improved compared with the previous generation. According to foreign media, Samsung Note10 and Samsung Note10 Pro are both 4170 mAh batteries, but the fast charging power is not the previously rumored 45W, but 25W, functional. In terms of Samsung Note10 series, it is also very comprehensive. In addition to supporting IP68 waterproof and wireless charging functions, it also supports ultrasonic screen fingerprinting and reverse charging.

In terms of price, the Samsung Note10 series starts at $1,000-$1, which is more expensive than last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and surpasses the Samsung Galaxy 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus released this year. What do you think of the Samsung Note10 series? Welcome everyone to comment.

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