In 2019, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 series, which has attracted the attention of many users. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 10 series has also received much attention. Recently, in addition to many configuration exposures, the Galaxy note 10 has also been exposed to Tesla joint ventures.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro Tesla joint-name body is made of metal gray design, visual sense of British, British Lang, business atmosphere, and Samsung Galaxy Note series of large-screen business positioning coincides. In addition to the gray design, there are some very spiritual red designs that make the overall look of the fuselage not too monotonous. On the back of the fuselage, the huge Tesla logo is extremely conspicuous and highly recognizable, while below it is also the words “Samsung” and “Tesla”, which represents a joint name.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will feature the Infinity-O perforated screen design with the opening in the center of the top, in stark contrast to the S10 series. Note 10 The Pro’s volume and power buttons are on the same side and the dedicated Bixby button is removed. There is no 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, I believe it will be loved by many users.

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