Samsung will officially release the Galaxy Note 8 on 15 September, according to a new report from South Korean publication ETNews. The smartphone is set to launch on 23 August, before shipping to consumers a few weeks later.

It’s expected to be larger than the enormous Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, featuring a 6.3-inch, 2,960 x 1,440 display. It will look a lot like it too, but come with a productivity-focused stylus, which is the Note line’s hallmark.

If ETNews is correct, however, it may explain why the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a larger screen than the Galaxy S8 Plus. This is because the motor Apple uses for 3D Touch is relatively large and it is noticeable that Apple was forced to reduce the size of the iPhone 7 battery to accommodate it.

Still the Galaxy Note 8 is going to cost well over $1,000 so it might be one more feature that helps users accept the rise. And besides Apple just so happens to be increasing the iPhone 8 price by a similar amount when it launches a month later.

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