Samsung officially announced that the new Galaxy product launch will be officially held on August 7th in New York time, but the official Galaxy Note 10 LED phone case was exposed in advance.

The case features a backlit LED display that can display different shapes. It is speculated that NFC induction is used to transfer the battery of the mobile phone to the mobile phone case, or it may be transmitted to the mobile phone case through wireless charging coil to reverse charge.

Officials also said: when the LED intelligent backlight protection shell turns on the emotional lighting function, the LED light will automatically light up and gradually dim within a minute, alternating between light and dark, showing a starry night light effect. “Matrix LED can inform you of important information such as phone call, alarm clock, incoming text and power remaining through intuitive ICONS.”

Not only that, but there’s also a rear-facing selfie feature: “set the 10-second countdown to take a shot, and before you press the shutter, the back of the phone case will display a countdown of seconds to let you know you’re ready to take a picture. Set the time for shooting, hold up the phone to watch the timer, and make sure the time the shutter is pressed.”

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