A lot of people are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 right now. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 10 will have six cameras, an enlarged screen and 5G network. Its rendering has been published by the media. Currently, CaseMe Case, a Chinese mobile phone accessory manufacturer, has planned to produce its accessories, the credibility is very high.

CaseMe focuses on lightweight and fashionable wallet shell, providing excellent anti-fall protection. It can hold a lot of CARDS (15) if you want to fill it. It can hold a key or two with fewer CARDS or even painkillers in a travel bag, so you can do anything.

The CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case also comes with a wrist strap attached to the phone so you can hang it on your wrist when your hands are too full. It comes in four colors, black, brown, red and blue, and costs $25.

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