In February, Samsung released its first fold-screen phone – samsung galalxy fold, which was about to launch in the north American market. However, the smart phone, which cost as much as $1,980, had black screen, flashing screen, protrusive screen, green line and other serious problems in media reviews.

Samsung had to recall the galalxy fold and delay the launch time. Samsung organized a large number of technicians to conduct a comprehensive test on Samsung Galaxy Fold, found many problems and redesigned it, hoping to re-list the galalxy fold through improvement.

Samsung revamped the design of folding screen hinge, film, etc. After a long time of remediation, samsung recently launched the improved version of samsung Galaxy Fold, which was officially released in Korea on September 6 and a small number of market.

However, shortly after the launch of the revamped samsung Galaxy Fold, users noticed that the revamped samsung Galaxy Fold would have colored spots in the middle of the screen, which would make consumers lose patience and confidence in the foldable phone.

At the same time, it also causes a great loss to many accessory manufacturers, because many parts manufacturers produce a large number of its phone case, now samsung Galaxy Fold is delayed again, resulting in a large backlog of accessory in the warehouse, unable to sell, and samsung cannot give a definite release date.

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