When Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone was released, it attracted the attention of global consumers. But for now, the re-release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is unknown. The release of the Galaxy Note 10 in August is getting closer. Many people are worried that the delay of Galaxy Fold will affect the release of the Note series. In response to this matter, an official of Samsung said in an interview with Korean media recently that it would not.

According to previous reports, Samsung will release Samsung Note 10 in New York on August 7. However, Samsung has not yet announced the exact time to market for the Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone. However, according to Samsung’s official disclosure, Samsung’s two products will advance along their respective tracks.

It is reported that Samsung is still “actively testing” various “trial versions” of Galaxy Fold. Optimists believe that Samsung seems to have solved the problem of non-durability that was exposed earlier, and pessimists believe that it may be delayed.

It is worth mentioning that as a Samsung executive’s weibo update last week, it pointed out that the screen problem of Galaxy Fold has been solved, and the company is ready to put into mass production.

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