Samsung unveiled its first Galaxy Fold smartphone at the launch of its Galaxy S10 series. Samsung has been confirmed to launch in the United States on April 26, in the United States AT&T, T-mobile, Best buy, samsung experience store and other channels officially launched.

Although the Galaxy Fold costs as much as $1,980, it is still popular in the U.S. market. Samsung opened reservations for the phone on April 12, but shut them down just one day later. The exact reason for the shutdown is not known. According to the reservation page, T-mobile has 7,125 subscribers, while AT&T has 7,460.

According to media reports, the inventory of Galaxy Fold is less than 20,000. Due to its expensive price, it is necessary to take good protection measures for mobile phones. CaseMe, a mobile phone accessory brand, recently launched Samsung Galaxy Fold related mobile phone cases, which can be purchased on the official CaseMe website.

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