According to designboom, the luggage brand RIMOWA recently launched a mobile phone case for the XS and XR series iPhones. The official website shows a price of $101.

RIMOWA’s iPhone Case is matched with its signature luggage, both made of the same lightweight aluminum alloy and shock-resistant TPU. The case provides good grip and comfort and helps protect your phone from wear and tear on the go.

Rimer’s iPhone case is available in silver and pink, simple and refined. In addition to the iconic recesses with luggage, each brand’s new logo is printed on the phone case. This new logo was redesigned last year to celebrate RIMOWA’s 120th anniversary.

Zimmera has a long history and was founded in 2018 for its 120th anniversary. The most unique of the RIMOWA suitcase series is the grooved design on the suitcase case. The new iPhone XS case and iPhone XR case is also based on its groove design.

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