Apple has released new guidance on the iPhone 12’s MagSafe charger. The new chargers, which Apple unveiled at its annual iPhone event earlier this month, are gripping the back of the new iPhone 12 model. The goal is to make the wireless charging process more seamless – in the past, the device had to be placed on a wireless charging pad or standing exactly right in order to charge it. With MagSafe, magnets will ensure that your device is always in the right place.

But Apple also warns users about some of the issues they may encounter when using MagSafe chargers:

1. The MagSafe charger or phone may be too hot
Apple warns on its support page that the MagSafe charger can get too hot while charging a phone, which could cause the phone’s software to stop charging more than 80 per cent. Recharge your phone or charger once it cools — Apple recommends moving your phone and charger to a cool place.

The heat from charging is common in wireless chargers, so there’s no need to worry. Even if your phone gets hot during charging, it’s still within the normal temperature range of your smartphone, and it’s unlikely to damage the device — especially considering Apple’s software will pause charging to keep the battery healthy.

2. If you insert your credit card between your phone and your MagSafe charger, it may damage your credit card
MagSafe chargers rely on magnets to secure the charger to the back of the device. While this is great for wireless charging, it can cause damage to other objects and devices.

Apple warns against placing a credit card, security badge, passport or key chain between the phone and the charger, as this could damage the magnetic stripe in the card or RFID chip. The magnets have the ability to erase information stored on credit CARDS, and Apple says they could also degrade the performance of items with RFID chips.

3. The charger may damage your iPhone case
If you don’t let go of the case, the new MagSafe charger will charge your phone, unless you use a metal case or a particularly thick case.

However, if you use a leather case, you may also need to remove it before charging it: Apple, at the bottom of its support page, warns you that the charger may leave a circular imprint on the case if you remove it from the charger.

While Apple didn’t mention silicone iPhone cases, the same is true for these cases. According to photos Shared with CaseMe Case, the charger appears to have left a blurred but visible trace on the Case.

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