We collected our favorite cases for Apple’s new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Here are some of the best choices, and what we think of them. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size, which means the iPhone 12 case and iPhone 12 Pro case can be used interchangeably between the two devices.

CaseMe has two versions of the wallet case, which are very different, and the 013 series has three cards on the back of the phone. The 018 series can hold up to 17 cards, has a zipper pocket and supports removable features, and the CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro wallet case has extra grip on the side of the case.

The lineup of iCarer cases this year has not changed much. With a reusable design, they can last as long as ever. ICarer leather cases are always popular, and as time goes by, with the improvement of leather quality, the appearance will become better and better, and the unique rich patina will form. The iCarer iPhone 12 Pro also has the new Natural color, which is very light. From the initial appearance to the use of dark color, gradually changed to a beautiful light brown.

The POLA handbag style case is made of artificial leather covering the phone. The clasp on the back opens to hold up to 10 cards, making the wallet stronger. The POLA iPhone 12 Pro incorporates a stand that makes it a perfect case of a night out in town. Don’t worry about an extra wallet.

The bottom of the DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro case is open, similar to previous Apple designs. Although we don’t think it’s protective, we like to have an open bottom in the shell. We think this makes the phone easier to hold and hold.

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