Now, some manufacturers will be eager to profit from Huawei’s problems and win more supporters. That’s why Samsung is rushing to announce the Galaxy S21 series. OnePlus will follow the new OnePlus 9 flagship line. It is rumored to premiere in March, and the OnePlus 9 case has leaked its design.

According to images released on the OnePlus 9 case, the company will increase the number of devices in the series to three, with the base model getting the LE2110. Models LE2117, LE2119 and LE2120 may hide regional versions of the OnePlus 9 Pro. The LE2127 model is also mentioned, which they prefer to include in the OnePlus 9 series. Although, smartphones should not be ruled out as an entry option for the OnePlus 9T.

Many online sources have suggested the OnePlus 9 premiere could take place as early as March 2021. Normally, the company used to prefer to show off its flagship product in May or June. Why did the company rush to make the announcement? There may be several reasons. One is to leverage Huawei, whose influence and presence in the market will be diminished. There has also been speculation that the company itself knew that the upgrade the OnePlus 8T was weak and that the smartphone was unlikely to generate significant sales. So they need to launch a new generation of flagship products quickly to avoid losing potential buyers.

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