Are you excited for iPhone 8 yet? Well, there’s plenty of good reasons you should be. All the rumors we’ve heard so far seem to point to various significant upgrades that will truly make Apple’s flagship product revolutionary.

Some credible sources even have a name for this premium model: iPhone X.

But now, another source is saying that there won’t be an “iPhone X” or even an “iPhone 8”.

Mac Otakara, a known site for Apple rumors, suggests that Apple will name the premium iPhone model as simply the “iPhone Edition.”

If this premium iPhone will be as expensive as it’s reported to be (over $1,000), then it makes sense for Apple to tag it with the “Edition” badge.

And here’s another bit of bad news if you’re waiting for the “iPhone Edition.”

Mac Otakara said that this premium iPhone may not even arrive at the same time as the “s” models of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. September is typically when the release time window of new iPhones occurs but Mac Otakara suggests that the “iPhone Edition” may be delayed.

The site said that the premium model is still in its testing phase and won’t go into mass production until September. If this is true, we may have to wait until December before we see the “iPhone Edition.”

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