The iPhone’s global mobile phone market share was surpassed by Huawei, which led to Apple’s share price falling from a maximum of 1.05 trillion US dollars to 700 billion, which is the biggest decline record of the iPhone in the past decade.
iPhone accessories
In 2019, Apple’s grim situation has not improved. In the global smartphone growth slowdown and fierce competition, Apple and Qualcomm’s patent disputes around the world have caused many mobile phone accessories manufacturers to reduce the production of iPhone accessories, for example, CaseMe in the near future. The production of the iPhone case has been lowered.

However, some of the accessory manufacturers are optimistic about Samsung’s new mobile phones, and they have released the Samsung Galaxy S10 Case, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Case in advance. This shows that Apple will face greater pressure from Samsung, and we are also very Looking forward to the 2019 New iPhone, how does it come to face the challenge from Samsung, Huawei.

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