Reddit users posted a picture of the iPhone 12 Pro protective case. The back of the case has three large cuts, which will accommodate the main lens, ultra wide Angle lens and telephoto lens. There is also a precise hole that looks like a rear microphone. This leaves two more holes, one of which will contain the phone’s flash and the other will contain a new sensor. This is where we expect the LiDAR sensor to be used.

The photos, which match previous leaks, suggest Apple may be using the iPhone 12 Pro camera array for processing. Specifically, a leak in early August included schematic views of the lens layouts for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max. This is very similar to what the CaseMe case photo shows, but the microphone holes are in different locations.

The LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 12 will be able to measure distances faster and more accurately. This will certainly improve portraits taken with the iPhone 12 Pro, but it will also enable those phones to take advantage of augmented reality apps, which rely on distance from real-world objects.

Assuming the iPhone 12 Pro phone case posted on Reddit is a real deal, Apple will probably talk more about LiDAR and what it means for the iPhone 12 Pro when it launches a new phone. While the phones themselves may not ship until late fall, that could happen as early as next month.

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