After a vote of 500 people, the iPhone 8 plus is the second iPhone that is worth buying after the iPhone XR. Let’s analyze why it is still worth buying!

Although the iPhone 8 plus is a traditional design, the 5.5-inch screen display is much wider in width than the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 plus uses the Apple A11 chip, which is slightly inferior to the A12. On the other hand, the overall performance is still very good, especially after upgrading the completely new iOS 12 system, the phone becomes more smooth. The application opening speed is even faster than the Android flagship of the Snapdragon 855 processor.

In terms of taking pictures, the actual camera level of the iPhone 8 Plus is comparable to that of the iPhone X and iPhone XR. Of course, the level of the Huawei P30 Pro, which is currently the world’s top camera, is not enough.

The most satisfying is the battery life of the iPhone 8 plus. Although it is only 2675mAh, the actual endurance performance will be surprising. Perhaps it is thanks to the low power consumption of the A11 chip. The iPhone 8 plus has no problem for one day. iPhone X is too much.

In other aspects of the experience, the iPhone 8 plus still retains the fingerprint recognition of the home button pioneered by the iPhone 5S, and on this basis, IP67 dust-proof water discharge, wireless charging and other functions are added, and the quality assurance of the mobile phone is further improved. Although the screen is an LCD screen, the display is much more delicate than the iPhone XR, and it also supports adjustable functions such as the original color display. The picture quality is still very high at present.

So, in general, the iPhone 8 plus is still worth buying Apple phones, whether it is appearance, performance, or battery life, is very balanced.

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