Since 2015, Apple has successively launched smart battery protection cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 series, which can provide extra battery life and reliable protection for iPhone. They restarted the project in 2019 to continue bringing the new Smart Battery Case to the 2018 iPhone line. There are three models and two color versions, respectively iPhone XS Case, iPhone XS Max Case and iPhone XR Case.

The new products of Smart Battery Case all have a capacity of 1369mAh. Compared with previous versions, they support usb-pd quick charging (input) and are compatible with Qi wireless charging standard (reception). Apple says: you can charge your iPhone and its battery case at the same time.

The iPhone XS Smart Battery Case has an inner microfiber lining that helps protect your iPhone’s body. The outer layer is made of silica gel, soft and smooth to the touch, bringing comfortable touch. Soft and elastic bezel design allows you to easily put on or remove the protective shell.

The inner fiber surface is printed with product specifications. Input: 5V, 5.2v, 9V, 14.5v, 15v-3a Max; Output: 8.7 v-0.7 A; Capacity 1369mAh (10.1Wh); It has passed many kinds of certification: CE certification, WEEE certification, Japanese VCCI certification, Japanese PSE certification, Australian RCM certification. There is an LED status indicator at the bottom. Different colors correspond to different working states.

The iPhone XS Smart Battery Case is equipped with a wireless charging coil inside the Case, making the Case have the same wireless charging reception function as the phone. The use of ultra-thin coils with multiple coils and nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, supplemented by thermal conductivity materials, can help improve the charging efficiency and heat dissipation in the wireless charging process. Its internal use of secondary lithium battery cell, can get higher charging and discharging efficiency, reduce heat.

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