Apple led the smart phones and made them the benchmark of the industry. The latest iPhone XS Max is very representative. Samsung just launched the new Galaxy S10 series. Many innovative technologies and performance improvements make Galaxy S10 Plus the most representative model of android. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus adopts the top Dynamic AMOLED (super sensory full screen), which can present more vivid pictures and more gorgeous colors. The iPhone XS Max has a Super AMOLED screen, and the samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is significantly better when viewed from a single screen.

The samsung Galaxy S10+ USES a rear-mounted tri-lens combination, in which the variable-aperture lens supports F1.5/F2.4, while the iPhone XS Max only provides F/1.8 aperture lens. In addition, the Galaxy S10+ also provides a 123-degree ultra-wide Angle lens, so that what you see is what you get. The super stable video shooting experience allows you to capture every clear and wonderful moment in the process of sports, and the rear camera is the first time in the industry to support HDR10+ video shooting.

In terms of storage, samsung Galaxy S10+ provides a richer storage capacity, with a maximum storage capacity of 12GB+1TB combination, and supports 512GB expansion. The iPhone XS Max has a maximum capacity of 4GB+512GB and does not support extension. In terms of battery life, samsung Galaxy S10+ USES 4100mAh battery, which supports 15W wireless charging and wireless sharing charging. The iPhone XS Max has a battery capacity of 3147mAh, and the 7.5w wireless charge is less powerful.

In general, as the 10th anniversary product of Galaxy S series. Compared with the software and hardware upgrade provided by iPhone users, the software and hardware innovation provided by samsung is more in line with the needs of consumers.

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