Apple ’s own phone smart battery case is the best on the market, partly because you can learn how much juice is left in the battery case from the battery widget in the iPhone ’s notification center. Like all Apple products, the prices of these phone cases are high, but today CaseMe is selling the iPhone XR Case, iPhone XS Case and iPhone XS Max Case models at a price of $ 50 each, which is lower than the original retail price of $ 129 .

If you own an iPhone XR, this price is especially pleasing, because it takes up the phone ’s already impressive battery life and pushes it to crazy limits. In this case, you can expect 39 hours of talk time on XR and more than 21 hours of Internet usage time.

The model can also be charged wirelessly, so you do n’t have to worry about removing it for charging: the battery case has actually become part of the phone. If you use a Qi-compatible wireless charger to charge the case while plugging the Lightning cable into the port, you can even charge the case and the phone at the same time.

Unfortunately, this also makes Apple’s famous ultra-thin mobile phone bulky. On the bright side, the protective case uses Apple’s excellent grip silicone, which can be used for non-battery protective cases, although I doubt whether it will still look good after a year.

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