Apple’s mobile phone is still the dominant player in the mobile phone market, with the high pricing of the iPhone XS series and iPhone XR being the main reasons for apple’s poor sales in 2018, but apple’s profit margin is still the first. In the next three months, the Apple Autumn Conference will be held. The iPhone XR 2 specification is basically confirmed. After the price reduction, the iPhone XR became the main force of Apple’s mobile phone shipment.
iPhone XR 2 specification
In 2019, the iPhone will launch the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone XR2, a successor to the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 is aimed at ultra-high-end users and the iPhone XR2 is responsible for apple’s shipments. Therefore, it can be inferred that the pricing of iPhone XR2 will not be too expensive, which will basically maintain the current price of iPhone XR.

In the appearance design of the mobile phone, iPhone XR2 will still use the bangs screen design, the front of the body is not too different from the iPhone XR, the back of the body in order to maintain the unified appearance design with iPhone11, iPhone XR2 USES the rear of the matrix array of dual camera, phone dual camera and flash to form a triangle. In order to meet users’ diverse requirements for the appearance of the phone, the iPhone XR2 will introduce a variety of colors, including green and purple versions.

The iPhone XR2 will have an A13 processor with 3GB of storage, and iOS 1313 will be more user-friendly. Under iOS 13’s system optimization, iPhone XR2 has been greatly improved in terms of smoothness, while iOS 13 has added a dark mode, which makes the interface design simpler and more practical. The iPhone XR2’s rear-facing dual-lens will use a pair of 12-megapixel lenses that work well with the iPhone X.

The biggest highlight of iPhone XR2 is the increased battery capacity, it is reported that this machine will carry 3310mAh battery, iPhone XR has set the best record of apple mobile phone battery life, battery life up to 11 hours, iPhone XR2 is also bound to refresh this achievement again.

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