In 2018, the iPhone entered a recession in the Chinese market, while Chinese mobile phone brands continued to grow. In order to save the lost users, before the Chinese New Year Spring Festival, a number of iPhones began to cut prices, although the sales volume increased after the price cut, but still can not meet Apple’s expectations.

Research firm Rosenblatt Securities believes that price cuts and Chinese New Year Spring Festival will boost sales of Apple iPhone XR in China. Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang expects iPhone XR production to increase by 1 million units in January, up 5% from December 2018.

It is worth noting that the Chinese smartphone market has entered a period of saturation and the product replacement cycle has lengthened. The Strategy Analytics study pointed out that the iPhone still faces a relatively high risk of retail channel inventory. Shipments in March may stabilize. However, with the deterioration of smartphone demand, shipments in the second quarter and 2019 may be lower than expected. .

The iPhone’s sluggish sales have not affected its accessories, such as: iPhone XS Max Case, iPhone XS Case, iPhone XR Case, iPhone X Case, iPhone 8 Plus Case, iPhone 7 Plus Case, etc.

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