In recent years, the price of each generation of IPhone has been rising, and now the price of the top IPhone is as high as 2000 dollars, but there is no corresponding upgrade for the phone. For example, the default charging head is still 5W, and if you need to use the fast charging, you need to spend another $100 to buy the fast charging head and data cable.

Recently, there has been a heated discussion on Twitter, which may be the most expensive phone case consumers have encounte red. The leather cover that comes with the IPhone XS Max costs $200, which is enough to buy a Xiaomi phone.

This year, the most ridiculed thing about the IPhone is the lack of innovation. It seems that apple has reached a bottleneck. The new three iphones suggest that apple may never adopt the original design again. This has also led to a drop in apple’s sales, so it is preparing to launch a luxury phone case to boost its profits, which so far has not had much effect.

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