Last month, environmental company Nimble announced a special shell for the iPhone, and it goes on sale for use as a 100% recyclable plastic and RPET material derived from countless plastic bottles discarded in oceans and landfills, according to media reports.

The iPhone case is named Bottle Case for iPhone X/XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and is available for $39.95 on the official website.

The Bottle Case USES a variety of materials, including a soft suede inner lining and woven finish. The soft liner cushions the impact and provides a protective ring around the raised edges of the iPhone camera. The hard RPET inner shell is decorated with fabric, which provides a comfortable grip and is not easily stained with dirt. It is worth mentioning that all the materials used to make the protective shell are extracted from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to recyclable materials, another prominent feature of Bottle Case protective shell is its commitment to protecting the earth’s oceans and Marine life. For every mobile phone shell purchased, 5% of the income will be donated to one of the five specific public welfare organizations. Each Marine public welfare organization corresponds to one of the five colors.

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