With the iPhone 8 on the horizon, one designer has taken a glimpse further into the future of the potential iPhone 9. Whether Apple will choose to brand the 2018 version of its iconic smartphone this way remains to be seen, but it is certainly a distinct possibility.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be a major revolution in the iPhone concept, not least because the design of the unit is expected to be significantly different from previous releases. So Apple will certainly have its work cut out with the iPhone 9, if it is to deliver a significantly different unit from previous releases.

With the iPhone 9 widely expected to break through the psychologically significant $1,000 barrier, it is almost a certainty that the iPhone 9 will cost in excess of this figure. There is still a possibility that the iPhone 8 may be available at a more affordable price point than this, but if this is the case then the $1,000 figure will surely be breached when the iPhone 9 is released.

Naturally, the iPhone 9 concept includes an OLEDs display; hardly a major revelation considering that the iPhone 8 will almost certainly include this feature. Prince Studio imagines that this screen will be capable of switching a black pixels of entirely, effectively saving 25 percent of the battery life of the unit. This innovative concept would certainly be welcome, considering that Apple releases have been continually criticized for the relatively paltry battery life that they deliver.

Wait until the launch of the iPhone 8, it seems as if attention is starting to turn to its successor. That’s right, with no official confirmation of this year’s handset, the rumor mill, now thinks it’s time to talk about a possible iPhone 9. Which, if it’s in development, shouldn’t hit the shelves until at least September 2018. So, whether you think it’s a little premature or not, here’s what is currently being said about the handset.

Some predictions, suggest Apple is about to launch three new devices in 2017, the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8. Now, if that does happen, it’s highly likely that an iPhone 9 would launch in 2018. Although, if that doesn’t happen and Apple stays with what it knows, the 8 could launch next year, and the 9 could be as far away as 2020.

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