Apple has yet to give official information about the iPhone 9 March launch, but case maker CaseMe Case has already announced. In this week ’s Apple Core packaging, we are studying these iPhone 9 cases that can tell us about the rumored iPhone 9. From Amazon to Alibaba, and even pre-orders from protective case manufacturers.

The iPhone 9 has a 4.7-inch screen and the iPhone 8 with a TouchID physical home button, but uses a faster chip. The rumored processor will power the current iPhone 12 series of A13 chips.

In appearance, the Apple logo has moved to the center of the phone like the iPhone 11. It is expected that the back of the phone will use frosted glass instead of the smooth glass of the iPhone 11. CaseMe thinks it will be available in red, space gray and silver.

With these specifications and prices, we can imagine the iPhone 9 coming soon. Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything. This means that the release date in mid-March may be optimistic.

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