Apple is reportedly working with LG Innotek, a branch of LG that makes electronic components, to supply the world’s first 3D facial recognition-capable camera to the iPhone 8, according to Korea Economic Daily (via The Investor).

The iPhone 8 3D camera idea picked up steam earlier this year with talk of iris scanning technology started making the rounds. I speculated that Apple would use its camera tech for facial recognition instead because of the related companies is bought and because we’re already seeing the feature in the Photos app.

Another report says Apple plans to use a camera coupled with infrared sensors to create 3D facial maps. Those scans could be used for facial recognition along with real time 3D mapping for avatars and 3D selfies.

Apple could use the technology for some form of biometric authentication, but considering the less than stellar performance we’re seeing on competing smartphones—and the reliability Touch ID already offers—that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, the iPhone’s 3D camera features will target features that’ll catch consumer interest.

The 3D cameras will also go on the front of the iPhone 8, says the report, which could require special attention if Apple shrinks the iPhone’s bezels as on the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 to give its phone an edge-to-edge display.

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