One of the hot new features of the iPhone 8 might be the FaceTime selfie camera, many reports have suggested. The camera is expected to incorporate additional hardware and software features that will give it additional powers on top of its basic picture-taking and video chat features. A new report from a top source indicates that the iPhone 8’s 3D camera could “reinvent the user experience.”

The camera is supposed to feature “3D sensing and modeling capabilities,” that could be used for facial recognition-based iPhone unlock, as well as augmented reality (AR) features.

“In keeping with Apple’s stringent quality standards, we believe: (1) related optical components, including VCSEL, DOE, wafer-level lens and filter for IR transmitting module, and CIS, filter, and lens of IR receiver module have all been custom-designed in collaboration with suppliers; and (2) calibration of front camera, IR transmitting and IR receiving modules via active alignment is required in order to allow the 3D camera system to operate precisely.”

However, what’s somewhat disturbing about this report is that the iPhone 8 with a 3D front-facing camera is supposed to hit production only in September. Apple is likely going to stick to its September launch window for the iPhone. Will it have enough iPhone 8 units to go around at launch if production only starts in September?

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