Apple is going to unveil this fall, one will deliver a brand new design, while the other two will be “boring” S versions of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 has been featured in many leaks so far, and a set of new images tell the same exciting deign story.

The slim case has cutouts for the iPhone 8’s vertical dual lens camera on the back, but there’s no central cutout that would indicate the presence of a Touch ID sensor. As a reminder, the iPhone 8 leaks we’ve seen so far can be divided into two major categories when it comes to Touch ID design. Most of them suggest the fingerprint sensor will stay on the front side of the device, and that it’ll probably be embedded in the display. Some of them show an iPhone 8 design that features a Touch ID sensor on the back, or the design we absolutely hate.

The case also suggests that the power button will be slightly longer on the iPhone 8. That’s one design detail we keep seeing in leaks, although we have no explanation for it at this time.

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