A Foxconn insider has purportedly leaked numerous details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, Apple Glasses and more.

Here’s a summary of the leaked information:
iPhone 8/X
● iPhoneX has x axis bezel uniform to y axis; camera module redeveloped; rear camera orientation is vertical on EVT’s.
● Bezels: Almost uniform except for top near face / camera sensors.
● Will the iPhone feature Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner for biometrics? Yes, included in the front facing camera modules.
● Water resistant
● Wireless charging
● Lightning not USB C as reported
● New battery charging chipset from TI.
iPhone X production has been delayed, we saw EVT’s without a rear capacitive sensor, but instead an optical module mounted under the glass substrate. There was issues apparently in being able to manufacture and secondly registering finger prints.
● EVT did have Touch ID but not capacitive unit. Instead in manufacturing it was bonded to glass substrate.

Apple Glasses
● 65% (likelihood to be cancelled). Very unique design, if it can be done properly will be like what the iphone did 10 years ago
● AR to mass consumers
● Rough bill of materials of Project Mirrorshades – Apple Iris: Kopin NED Acetate frame, Polarisized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics, Bone induction modules, Microphones (noise cancellation), Light sensor, Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement app navigation, Magnetometer for navigation, Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery Apple chipset Charging circuit BL5 Induction module
● What colour(s) were the frames/arms? Crystal (clear), champagne and black.
● What shade(s) were the lenses? We only saw transparent reader lens but I understand they can procure polarised or prescription lenses
● What finish was allied to the frames/arms? Cellulose acetate Injection mold frames into an aluminum mold. Colors are added and tumbled for finish.
● What shape were the frames and lenses? P3 frame design
● What sizing options did you test? Two sizes, men’s and woman’s
● Price: Usually 4x the BOM cost; it would indicate around $600 mark.
● What control interfaces did the Glasses have? Microphone for voice, accelerator meter and magnetometer for steps could be used for apps like tinder, nod for yes, shake for no, small capacitive strip on arm for accept calls, volume functions.
● How do the glasses work? Prism that conveys NED display image to lens.
● What resolution was the display image on the lens? 428×240 resolution.
● NED in lens at 3/4 to peripheral of user field of vision. Project may not go to mass production. Very likely to be cancelled. Flexible battery is difficult on mass production. Display prism is delayed also.

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