According to apple’s latest update, this year’s iphone 12 series will be the largest number of models released in a single conference in history. The iPhone 12 series includes four models. Among them, two 4G models; Two 5G models. Now, as many countries around the world enter the 5G era, mobile phone manufacturers have all but abandoned 4G models this year. Apple is targeting the lower end of the market with two new low-end iphones. The same positioning as the previous iPhone 11.

At present, iPhone 11 has been the most popular single model in the world. The success of the iPhone 11 has taught Mr Cook that price is the main thing holding people buying iphones. In the iphone12 era, 4G and 5G models; High matching, low matching model; For models with different screen sizes, Apple changed the price position.

A 4G version of the iPhone 12, or iPhone 12E. With the 5.1-inch and 6.1-inch versions priced at $549 and $649, In terms of performance and price, more people will choose price first, and the $500 iPhone will be a hit.

CaseMe phone case manufacturer has released iPhone 12E case in advance. According to leaked pictures, iPhone 12E and iPhone 11 have the same appearance without any difference, so the iPhone 12E case and iPhone 11 case can be used in common.

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