On October 30th, according to CNN media reports, although the iPhone XR is still the world’s best-selling mobile device, they believe the iPhone 11 is on track to become the most popular model in apple’s 2019 lineup. The success of iPhone 11 sales is bound to affect next year’s iPhone 12 sales strategy.

It is speculated that the iPhone 11’s popularity may be due to the fact that it still has an LCD screen, which gives it a price advantage. In addition, it has the same features as other models in the same family, with the same processor, an upgraded dual rear camera system and eye-catching color is also a plus.

Apple is likely to use super-high quality OLED screens in the full range of the iPhone 12 to complete the transition from LCD to OLED screens starting with the iPhone X in 2017. Based on the success of the iPhone 11, this could lead to apple’s iPhone 12 continuing its iPhone 11 design and possibly upgrading its hardware to include the most advanced OLED screens.

In addition, CaseMe Case, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, is developing iPhone 12 Case or iPhone 12 Pro case, because it successfully predicted the appearance design of iPhone 11, making its sales volume ahead of other brands of mobile phone case. According to past experience, it is 100% predictive success. I believe this time is very big. Probability confirms the iPhone 12 design.

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