Apple officially circulated an iPhone12 Pro design, showing that the rear camera has a new layout. The original three-camera layout in the iPhone 11 has become a four-camera, and the fourth camera has been specially marked. It seems that there are special usefulness. Some insiders said that it will be possible to add lidar to the rear camera.

Lidar is a major new feature of the upgraded iPad Pro. This sensor provides combat-based depth mapping time for the tablet ’s rear camera component. This move will enable the iPad Pro to be better used for augmented reality applications and computer vision.

In addition, a significant change in this camera image is the layout change of the camera module elements. Although the current iPhone camera module uses three lenses, it is two on the left and one on the right. The new iPhone shifts the right camera to be flush with the upper left camera, and the new lidar sensor is on the left. The camera on the bottom side is flush.

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