CaseMe is now pre-ordering its wallet case and will announce the upcoming iPhone 12 at an Apple event next week. These cases are guaranteed to fit into the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case is designed for people who like to keep their phone and wallet together but need extra protection. In addition, all CaseMe products come with a 3-month warranty. If your box breaks or your dog eats it, it will be sent back to you as a replacement without any problems.

If you don’t normally like carrying a wallet and a phone, but don’t want to be without a case at all, the POLA iPhone 12 Pro Max is your best bet. It helps maintain the new look of the iPhone 12 and protects and protects it from everyday wear and tear while still retaining its original shape.

If you want to show off your new iPhone 12 while protecting yourself, DG.MING offers a premium transparent TPU case. Despite its slim shape, the DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro Max case is made of shock-absorbing material, providing full protection. The case has no trademark and is completely transparent. Unlike other clear cases, it is designed not to turn yellow over time.

CaseMe didn’t make any statements about what the iPhone 12 Pro Max would look like, and it used publicly available models to illustrate how its case would look on the new phone. The actual iPhone 12 Pro Max may look slightly different. However, these iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases are the right size and can be guaranteed 100% fit – or your refund.

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