Smart phones have become the main computing devices used by hundreds of millions of people for several hours a day. If you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation from smartphones, then you may want to consider CaseMe radiation-resistant case.

Regarding whether mobile phone radiation is harmful to the human body, but if there is a case solution that can stop the radiation while still working well and the price is about the same as in other situations, then why not be safer and choose someone who is likely to protect you.

If you don’t care about radiation shields, you might like that three credit card slots and cash pockets can also be used as RFID-blocking wallets. In addition, this protective case has passed the MIL-STD-810G certification, which can protect your iPhone from falling injuries.

The CaseMe iPhone 12 case is composed of two parts, the main outer leather wallet and the detachable inner case. The shell is a high-quality shell with durable sides and an exquisite woven material back panel. The color you selected appears on the rear panel. Above the iPhone buttons are openings for the ring switch, Lightning port, speakers, and microphone with raised buttons.

When you connect the detachable part with a strong magnet, the main outer wallet part of the case is only used as the case. Two lanyards are pressed into the spine of the housing to provide ample openings for the rear camera array. There are three credit card slots and a cash pocket on the inside of the front flap. I carried four cards and ID cards in the three card slots, cash and another card in the cash pocket. Remember, this protective case can be used as an RFID blocking wallet to ensure your card is safe.

The main feature of CaseMe housing is radiation protection. To be clear, the shield is only located on the front flap of the main outer wallet part of the case. If you carry your iPhone with you in the detachable part, this part of the case does not provide radiation protection.

In order for the radiation shield to function and provide you with protection, you must close the front cover of the phone when you hold the phone over your head to talk. There is an opening on the top of the headset speaker, so your calls will not be affected by the closure of the cover. FCC laboratory test results show that its shielding technology can block up to 99% of radio frequency and up to 92% of ELF radiation, so if your phone has any harmful substances, this phone case will block most of the radiation.

CaseMe also offers protective cover options for other iPhones, many other Android phones, iPads, and other devices. The company also offers installation options for its protective sleeves, and even MagSafe-compatible protective sleeves.

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