With more and more 5G products, people are gradually accustomed to it, and whether to support 5G seems to have gradually become a very important indicator of whether a mobile phone product is qualified at present. The iPhone 11, on the other hand, is still 4G, to the dismay of many users. It is reported that the iPhone products will be released in 2020 when the flagship series of 5G products, namely the iPhone 12, will be launched in September this year. The iPhone 12 design has been leaked on the Caseme Case website.

The website released a total of three iPhone 12 cases, namely Caseme iPhone 12 case, BRG iPhone 12 case and ICARER iPhone 12 case. It can be seen from the exposed appearance that the new iPhone’s non-dented and almost bezel-free design is consistent with the 3D model of the iphone 11 that Macotakara offered, with the screen eschewing the rounded corners of the current model, reminiscent of the square look of the iphone 8.

In addition to the appearance changes, the iphone 12’s hardware upgrade is also very big. The A14 processor is built using TSMC’s 5nm technology and has impeccable performance. It will also be powered by qualcomm’s 5G baseband chip specially developed for apple. In terms of memory combination, the minimum running memory is 4GB+64GB, while the maximum is 6GB+512GB. Such memory is also a major upgrade for apple. Apple will add a 3D ToF lens to the iPhone12, with a variety of stage lighting modes built in, which will increase the fun of taking photos. The fully upgraded iphone 12 is expected to cost $1,149.

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