Apple has always been popular for nothing more than good performance. Its A-series processor has always been the focus of the industry, and like huawei’s kirin processor, it is only available for its own phones. The iPhone11 is powered by apple’s A13 processor, which is combined with the latest iOS 13 system, so those who like to play games can consider buying it directly. Huawei mate 30 Pro adopts kirin 990 processor, which optimizes the number of core and GPU core on the basis of kirin 980. The performance is definitely not comparable to A13 processor, but the power consumption is greatly reduced.

Compared with the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 has an extra camera, supports a very large wide Angle function, and the new night mode greatly improves the image quality of the dark environment. It should be said that taking photos has been greatly improved. Compared with Huawei’s mate30 Pro, the camera function is naturally much weaker, so if you are interested in taking pictures, you can directly choose Huawei’s flagship phone.

In terms of battery life signal, huawei is also better than apple. Huawei Mate 30 Pro has a built-in battery of 4500mAh and supports 40W wired fast charge +27W wireless fast charge technology, plus integrated signal baseband chip in kirin 990. The iPhone11 has a 3110 milliampere-hour battery, although it also has 18W fast charging technology, but you have to buy a charging head, using Intel’s XMM7660 baseband chip. No matter power consumption or signal quality is much better than iPhone 11, huawei’s control of signal quality is very worthy of recognition.

In conclusion, if you like to play games, you can choose iPhone 11, which focuses on appearance, photo taking ability and battery life , signal. Then huawei mate30 Pro is indeed a better choice.

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