After the release of the iPhone 11 series, Youtube platform has post various comparative video. Simply put, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not as anti-drop as Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and its battery life is not as good as Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

When it comes to specs, Apple can be described as completely backward, regardless of the processor frequency, RAM capacity, screen resolution, etc., but it’s more expensive than samsung.

The test method is still common to open the same common APP and calculate the total time. This time, a mechanical arm is adopted to avoid errors caused by hand shaking.

The first round is to clean the background, all the APP cold start. Although samsung was quicker to open the first two apps, Facebook and starbucks, the iPhone 11 Pro Max performed well when loading word and excel documents, and ran video apps such as Adobe Rush with ease, keeping the edge until the end.

At the end of the first round, the iPhone 11 Pro Max took 1 minute 48.55 seconds, and the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ took 1 minute 58.11 seconds.

Round 2: the 10-second advantage kept apple going at the beginning, but the disadvantage of 8GB less RAM than samsung was soon revealed. The second call to Adobe Rush, word, and excel all required reloading, while samsung could recover the speed advantage directly.

At the end of the second round, Samsung used 33.03 seconds and Apple used 48.99 seconds.

In general, these two mobile phones are very excellent performance, belonging to the top level of the whole mobile phone industry, these two mobile phones are good choices, you can choose according to their own needs. But it is good to take mobile phone screen protection measures, because the screen maintenance cost is very high, we recommend you to buy iPhone 11 Pro Max case and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus case.

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