CaseMe, a well-known case maker, announced that he not only knows the final design of the iPhone 11, but that he is confident about the source of the data. He has already begun making the case for the iPhone 11 and is taking pre-orders for it to be shipped in August.

CaseMe Atomic Slim3 is a heavy-duty aluminum bumper with a protruding degree that CaseMe claims to have to improve the bevel protected by its case to 2.15mm. I think CaseMe analyzed even the bevel data of the case so precisely that he did have the latest iPhone data in his hands.

As recently as last year, CaseMe identified the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 designs before they were released, so there’s every indication that the look of the iPhone 11 May be sealed. In addition, CaseMe is offering a 60-day return window to all buyers of its iPhone 11 phone, which extends the month after the phone launch in September.

But there was one omission: the name. Just like last year, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR brands are still uncertain ahead of launch, so the 2019 model is back. CaseMe knew it would be an iPhone 11 or an iPhone XI, but no one knew for sure — not even apple!

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