As everyone knows, Apple has decided to stop publishing the specific sales information of the iPhone in the financial report because of the decline in sales. The patent issue between apple and qualcomm will also affect apple’s 5G progress. Intel’s baseband was used in all three iphones released last year, resulting in signal problems that led many consumers to abandon the iphone.

This year’s new iphones, also known as the iPhone 11, are traditionally released in September. The iPhone 11 will adopt a new concept of appearance design. In the front design of the new phone, the iPhone 11 adopts the classic bangs screen. The screen proportion of the new phone has not been significantly improved, but the frame control of the new phone is more excellent.

Apple has also specifically reinforced the signal issue. Apple has been complaining about the signal problem before. In terms of the problems related to the mobile signal, apple will use the super strong antenna design of 4*4 MIMO, which greatly improves the signal strength and effectively prevents the problem of weak signal from happening again.

In addition to the improved iphone 11 battery, the iphone 11 Max has been upgraded from the current 3174mAh battery to between 3491mAh and 3650mAh. The iPhone XR 2’s battery capacity of 3089mAh, a tiny improvement from the current iPhone XR’s 2942mAh battery.

As a result of apple’s strict security measures, the media about the new iPhone news is true, still need to be verified after the press conference.

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