According to sources, apple is about to release iOS 13, a new system that not all iphones will be able to upgrade. The iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus cannot be upgraded.

The first new feature is the dark mode, which can be used for any screen on the phone. Second: the birth of the split screen function, which allows us to complete the work more efficiently, one screen can operate two interfaces. Third: volume button adjustment. After the update, when apple users adjust the volume, the icon will move to a small part of the screen and will no longer block the middle of the screen. Fourth: the new control center, iOS 13 also adds the multitasking control bar to the top of the control center to make better use of the space. The fifth is to find my iphone, after the update new detection loss function.

For models that do not support upgrading to iOS 13! The reason given by apple is that the mobile phone cannot run fast enough. With the improvement and enhancement of the system, if the mobile phone version is too “backward”, there will be no benefit for the new system to be installed and the screen will be stuck. Therefore, ios13 directly excludes these old models.

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