The iCarer iPhone 11 Pro is an elaborately crafted leather case. I like that it’s thin for the flip case, it protects the front as well as the back, and it feels really good when you do it. The contrasting tan interior suede leather works well with the glossy black leather exterior. Easy to open and use, and keep firmly in the box. I like that it works on a wireless charger. The cover keeps coming back to the back of the phone, and the magnet keeps it folded back.

The iCarer case is very similar in design and structure to Apple’s case, except that it makes the phone thicker. I used to have an Apple case on the XR, but it didn’t make the phone feel as thick as it should. I believe if apple had an Iphone 11 case, the overall feel would be thinner. Apple leather is soft and easily scratched, while iCarer leather is thicker and more durable. Leather also feels like leather in a wallet case, while apple leather has a synthetic feel. I think it provides 90% of the quality of an apple at half the price. It would be perfect if iCarer could make their shells thinner.

Therefore, if you are looking for an iPhone 11 Pro case with a more upscale appearance and a good hand feel, iCarer is one of the better covers I have seen and used. You are a different person and may have different tastes, but it’s right for me.

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