Huawei’s P40 series mobile phones as huawei’s flagship product, the self-developed Kirin 990 chip combined with the rear pair of 40 million Leica movie cameras makes it hard to resist buying one of huawei’s P40 series mobile phones. Of course, newly purchased phone protection is very important. Today, combined with Huawei P40 Pro mobile phones, I would like to recommend several innovative and fashionable Huawei P40 Pro  phone cases.

This fashionable and personalized Huawei P40 Pro case designed by CaseMe is made of tempered glass. Its main material is toughened glass. Its advantages are obvious, very smooth, comfortable and delicate, strong, wear-resistant and fall proof, which can protect the mobile phone from scratch and wear.

At the same time, the surface of the glass, in the sunlight can be dazzling brilliance. At the same time toughened glass has the advantages of anti – scratch, wear – resistant and anti – fall. In addition, the CaseMe Huawei P40 Pro mobile phone case adopts the process of mold opening of real machine, the charging jack and speaker opening hole at the bottom are very accurate, and the alignment is accurate. The all-inclusive soft silica gel design, with good cushion-absorbing protection, can protect the mobile phone in all aspects, will not easily fall and scratch.

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