Mobile Phone manufacturers are constantly introducing new products to meet consumer demand. Samsung Galaxy S10 series is currently the best-selling phone, while huawei’s P30 series is coming soon. Today we’re going to review two of the most powerful Android phones.

Huawei P30 Pro has more photo-taking functions than samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, and its advantages are obvious. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series is equipped with super-sensory full-view screen, which has obtained the HDR10+ certification. The samsung Galaxy S10 series can display more vivid and vivid colors through the super sensory full screen, and the dynamic tone mapping technology can also make the picture maintain high brightness and color accuracy, and the details are more clear and rich.

At present, the competition in the high-end mobile phone market is still very fierce, and the competition between Samsung and Huawei will continue. However, from the perspective of the newly released flagship products, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is in line with consumers’ positioning of flagship products in terms of product innovation and user-friendly Settings. And the huawei P30 Pro has significantly improved its camera capability, when it is released, it will Challenge the status of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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