Anandtech, the UK’s authoritative evaluation media, has released a comprehensive performance score for mobile phones. It has fully evaluated the CPU chips of several new smartphones. The just-released Huawei P30 Pro kirin 980 is still No.1. The evaluation method of this media is fair. It insists on adopting diversified evaluation methods and focuses on the daily experience of users.

Based on the results of the evaluation, huawei P30 and huawei P30 Pro phones using Kirin 980 occupy the top two positions, while Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Snapdragon 855 version is in the fourth place.

Anandtech’s assessment shows that the huawei P30 series is superior to the Snapdragon 855 samsung S10 in terms of web browsing, writing and system browsing. This also means that users can experience faster response and feedback in daily use.

The overall performance of the huawei P30 Pro is more than just a major breakthrough. In terms of user experience, it also provides better life experience, stronger communication ability and stronger AI computing power. In particular, AI photography, intelligent screen and other functions, but also bring a unique new experience.

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