Apple’s iPhone has come out ahead of the leading competition in regards battery life and endurance. But it is unfortunate that the iPhone that offers the best battery life out of the current portfolio isn’t the flagship iPhone X. Instead the winner is the pinnacle of the previous generation, the handset with the smaller battery and larger screen. Step forward and pick up your trophy, iPhone 8 Plus.

PhoneArena has been testing a number of flagship handsets in the battery life stakes. Under its conditions, the iPhone 8 Plus clocks in at 10 hours 36 minutes, the iPhone X at 8 hours 41 minutes, the iPhone 7 at iPhone 8 hours 37 minutes. Curiously all three models beat the latest South Korean flagships, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus managing 8 hours 22 minutes, and the Galaxy S9 just 7 hours 23 minutes.

How to Improve Battery Life of iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8
Solution #1: Check out How Battery is Consumed on Your iPhone
Solution #2: Hard Reboot Your iPhone
Solution #3: Make the Best Use of Low Power Mode
Solution #4: Avoid Using Dynamic Wallpaper
Solution #5: Turn Off Fitness Tracking
Solution #6: Turn off Location Services
Solution #7: Don’t Keep Apps Remain Open in the Background
Solution #8: Disable Background App Refresh
Solution #9: Turn off Automatic App Downloads and Updates
Solution #10: Disable Auto-Fetching of New Data
Solution #11: Take Care of OLED Screen
Solution #12: Enable Auto-Brightness
Solution #13: Enable True Tone Display
Solution #14: Enable Dark Mode
Solution #15: Clean Up Your Device
Solution #16: Update Apps
Solution 17: Reset All Settings
Solution #18: Update iOS on Your iPhone
Solution #19: Restore Your iPhone as New

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