With the rapid development of the age of science and technology, mobile phone has become a necessity in daily life. However, in the process of use, you may encounter some troubles, such as broken screen after falling or poor heat dissipation by wearing a case, especially in summer. I recommend you here. Use a cooling phone case.

Don’t use the all-inclusive mobile phone case in summer, the all-inclusive design blocks back heat dissipation, reducing battery life while also affecting feel! Now it is more suitable to use the hollow frame shell. The design of bare back can fully present the original appearance of the fuselage and provide the heat dissipation like the bare machine.

We recommend the frame shell of CaseMe brand, which is composed of air spring steel and medical grade silica gel, and passed the anti-fall certification of 2.44 meters in the experimental test and the anti-fall test of 1.5 meters for 10 consecutive times. Even the iPhoneX with double-sided glass does not need to worry about broken screen. At the same time, nano anti-fouling coating is added to the surface of the border, even the white border, do not worry about the time will be yellow, and it will not be wiped off when it is dirty! Just use a damp cloth or a wet paper towel to gently wipe the original look of the white border.

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