The MagSafe battery pack is designed to attach directly to your iPhone or via a case with MagSafe. If your iPhone Case does not have MagSafe function, MagSafe Battery Pack will not work.

If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while charging with a MagSafe battery pack, the leather case may show imprints from compression of the leather. This is normal, but if this is a concern for you, consider a non-leather case or Magsafe Battery Pack Leather Cover.

Will MagSafe damage credit cards?

Answer: Yes. If you use any other case with credit cards etc in it, please remove it before charging the MagSafe battery pack, it will damage your credit card.

Why is my MagSafe so hot?

When wireless charging with MagSafe, not all of the energy produced is immediately transferred to the battery. The reason is that the circular magnetic ring where the burst occurred is too small to allow all the energy generated at once to enter. Some of that energy is converted to heat, raising the iPhone’s temperature once charging begins. You can minimize or even eliminate overheating issues by purchasing the right type of MagSafe wireless charging.

There is very little heat generated while charging wirelessly, but it tends to be worse if you use your phone while charging. For example, if you are recording a video or making a video call while charging, it will generate more heat than if your iPhone is turned off while charging.

CaseMe has come up with an innovative solution to the problem of overheating when charging with MagSafe chargers. It launched a mobile phone case with a heat sink, which can dissipate heat and cool down the iPhone through a built-in fan.

MagSafe wireless charging is still a new technology with some limitations. Even Apple mentions that MagSafe can overheat and limit your iPhone to only 80% charge. Software may limit charging above 80% because the battery is overheating, and your iPhone will charge again when the iPhone’s temperature drops. Try moving your iPhone and charger to a cooler place.

Will Magsafe Charging Ruin My Battery?

Answer: Yes. Any charging will affect the battery, but the heat generated by MagSafe may accelerate damage to the battery. The reason is that MagSafe charging generates additional heat which can lead to an irreversible loss of battery capacity.

How to prevent MagSafe from damaging the battery?
1) Please try to charge the battery when it is below 50%.
2) If you feel that your phone is hotter than usual, please avoid charging your phone with MagSafe.
3) Avoid using your phone while charging.
4) Purchase a MagSafe charger from a well-known qualified manufacturer or Apple official.

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